Basotho Heritage Blankets in Wild Places

Mountain Kingdom's good friend Michael Turner, who owns the one of the top private guided safari operations in Southern Africa, Wild Places , recently took some stunning photos of one of our Seanamarena Poone blankets deep in the Makgadikgadi Panalso known as the great Salt Flats of Botwana. Surrounded by the Kalahari Desert, and just southeast of the Okavango Delta, visiting Makgadikgadi truly feels like being on another planet. The landscape is almost lunar in nature, and the wildlife is plentiful and roams freely throughout the area.

If you want a real guide who knows the country like the back of his hand, there's no one better than Michael. I had the great good fortune to go on Safari with him several years back and it remains one of the most indelible experiences of my life. And if it get's cold at night, may should be a spare Basotho Heritage Blanket to keep you warm.