Playpump x Aranda

Our partners at Aranda Textile Mills recently sponsored 20 "playpumps" at various schools throughout Lesotho. The Playpumps charity has developed a groundbreaking new technology that harnesses a virtually inexhaustible resource, the energy of children at play, in order to generate one that is in very short supply: water. As children spin on the roundabout, sanitary potable water is pumped out of the ground into a tank that towers 7 meters in the air. It is then accessed by means of a simple tap, where everyone is free to collect whatever water they need.

Playpumps innovative solution to the growing problem of providing clean, drinkable water already supplies over 640 schools and communities in Lesotho, South Africa and Malawi and has led to the reopening of schools that were closed due to lack of a water supply.  

This is just one way that Aranda gives back to the communities that support their business. Watch this space for some very exciting new charitable initiatives sponsored by Mountain Kingdom, Aranda and Unknown Union.