The Seanamarena Poone design dates back to the 1930’s, when it was created by Charles Hendry Robinson, proprietor of the Seanamarena trading post in Leribe, Lesotho. The Poone (Corn Cob or Maize) remains, with the Chromatic, one of the most highly sought after designs in Lesotho to this day.

Corn is the staple food of the Basotho people. It is ground into a type of porridge called "Papa" and is typically eaten three times a day, with each meal. It is also common in South Africa where it is known as Pap. It has a texture and consistency similar to "grits" in the US.

In its ubiquity, maize in Lesotho is similar to rice in Japan. As the people of Lesotho are dependent on corn for their very existence, it has become a symbol of prosperity. Also, the shape of the corn cob is related to fertility.

Materials: 50% Virgin Merino Lambswool/50% Dralon

Color: Black/Peacock/Scarlet

Size: 155cm x 165cm (61"x65")

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