Chromatic - Yolk

Chromatic - Yolk


Charles Hendry Robinson founded the Seanamarena post in Leribe in the 1930's and soon began to manufacture his own blankets under the Seanamarena name, which means "to swear by the Chiefs" in Sotho. He created two designs which remain the most popular of the Basotho Heritage blankets to this day, the Chromatic and the Poone. The Chromatic is the most popular design among the people of Lesotho to this day. 

The name Chromatic does not come from the color or design of the blanket, but rather from the initials CHR for Charles Hendry Robinson. From the 1930's until the 1980's, the Seanamarena blankets were exclusively available from the trading post in  Leribe. When word of a blanket shipment arriving from England got around, people would camp out for days outside the post in order to insure they would get one of the blankets which were always in limited supply. There are stories of actual stampedes to get into the tiny trading post when the doors would open. The Seanamarena was the Yeezy sneaker of blankets. In the 1980's, through arrangement with the Robinson family, the Seanamarena blankets began to be more widely distributed throughout South Africa and Lesotho. The Robinson family continues to earn royalties from the sale of both Poone and Chromatic blankets to this day.

Materials: 50% Virgin Merino Lambswool/50% Dralon

Color: Cobalt/Yolk/Natural

Size: 155cm x 165cm (61"x65")

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