Badges Of The Brave - Gold

Badges Of The Brave - Gold


Badges of the Brave was originally designed by the Shrubsole brothers for Wormald & Walker in the 1940’s and has been in production ever since. The various emblems refer to the regiments of the British armed forces at the time of the Second World War. Over 20,000 Basotho fought as part of the British forces in World War I and II. They also contributed two squadrons of Spitfire fighter planes, and the Basotho Flying Battalion is one of the few still left in existence.

Amongst the regiments crests included on this blanket are those of Canada, South Africa, The Royal Air Force and New Zealand. As with so many of the originally British designed elements of the blankets, the Sotho people have attached their own meaning to the symbols. For example NZ, which stands for New Zealand is interpreted as Nazareth - a reference to Christianity.

This blanket was a particular favorite of Princess Elizabeth (now Queen of England) when she visited Lesotho in 1947.

This particular Scarlet and Golden is on display as part of the permanent collection of the British Museum in London.

Materials: 50% Virgin Merino Lambswool/50% Dralon

Color: Scarlet/Gold/Black

Size: 155cm x 165cm (61"x65")

Ships within 4-6 weeks.

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